Saturday, September 17, 2011

Special thanks to this website for help with the pictures of the kilts and Lava Lava.

When I moved to Hawaii I found out the state was known as the Rainbow State. The football team was called, "The Rainbow Warriors" until other guys took the idea in another direction. So I was thinking about Ireland which is also known for Rainbows.

Once I got to know the cultures around me I saw all sorts of similarities. Although Scots are known for the kilt, and yes that is a Rob Roy in the picture, the Irish do wear them as well. The common clothes for Polynesians is called a Sarong or Lava Lava, which is a lot like a Kilt. There is also a pot of gold for any weary traveler to Hawaii, only its a cooler full of barbecue meat.

Knowing this, I wondered where exactly Dorothy ended up when she went over this Rainbow.

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