Monday, November 21, 2011

I don't know I speak french.

Wait, is it morning or night?
As languages go, I guess I impress people. I speak 4-5 languages knowingly, and a lot of others unknowingly. When I was little, I spoke French, German, Spanish, and English. Then Schools told my parents that I was doing badly in English, so they only spoke English to me.

So one day in my Sophmore year of highschool, someone pointed out I counted in French. I responded that this was Incredible. I always thought I was making french up, and then one day a few years ago, someone corrected me. No, I said it correctly, I just misused the verb. Yep, I was speaking french.

German is even more fun. I only speak it in the morning when I am waking up. It weirds me out too. The scottish accent kicks in when I am tired or really frustrated. There are times when speaking that the accent kicks in on its own.

Imagine the shock of my school counselor when I spoke with a full scot, and no explanation.

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