Thursday, February 9, 2012


Generally when thinking of Hipsters I get them mixed up with someone else. Time travelling men wearing fedoras and ugly scarves and listen to music I have never heard of sound more like Dr. Who than some form of hip urban culture.
This made me realize something wrather interesting and I want you to follow. I think that there have been more hipsters in history than meets the eye.

Renaissance Fairs

Let’s be honest here and think about what all had to happen. A group of people had to decide to no longer follow modern thought and dress up in clothing and styles that were way over and done with.
They listened to music no one had heard before, and were happy to do this. It gets more interesting though, if you ever look at the clothing styles you realize that people are wearing clothes from different centuries and getting along just fine.

But technology has problems with people of the past, namely Apple not existing in most of it.
But if we just leave it at wearing clothes way older than necessary, and music older than needed, there are even more than that.

Lenard Cohen

The poet/songwriter who has written all sorts of songs you have heard of... sort of. I can prove he is a hipster, just one picture will do.
In case you didn’t hit the above link on songwriter, yes, he did write that song that you heard on Shrek, only better. But if we count this, then we have to include old people in general. I’m not going to, but I guess you could, if you were mainstream.


Yeah, they were cool in the 60’s but they disappeared and became normal people later on right? Right? Wrong, there are the Rainbow Gatherings. They still gather and find ways to meet up even today. It is all sorts of weird.

Heck now that I think of it, we have to include the tribes.

Native Americans

I lived on the Navajo Rezervation -yes they spell it with a z- and the Yakama, and the Pueblo Rez as well. I think I saw more apple computers and hand desgined things than anywhere else. The trucks were all beat up and old, and the hair styles looked like someone did it by hand. So yeah, Total hipsters. Get this, the houses the Navajoes lived in were called Hogan’s. If they don’t like the house, they just burn it down and build a new one.

Time Travelers

Let’s be honest, it makes total sense. They show up dressed in the wrong clothes, surrounded by people who have no idea what they are saying. This is going to happen a lot.

As it can Dr. Who, as it can. I blame Bill and Ted.
Yes, them. You see, at the end of the first movie, they had travelled in time to the exact spots of witch burnings -Joan of Arc was burnt as a heretic- and rennaissance fairs -Napoleon wanted to date Joan of Arc so he started having them. They caused the entire Hipster thing on accident to get a good grade for class. By and far, a most excellent prank by these bodacious members of history.

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