Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Just a quick update. One of the mystery states was Indiana. Someone has seen this blog from there now. As has Louisiana. So my goal of having a hit from every state in the US is close at hand. It leaves 2 states. Wyoming, and Idaho. Which means that my family really isn't checking out the site. Pretty good for me. There is a dirty martini girl in one of the pictures.

Also, I am going to try ad-sense on this site. Why? Because this site is just an idea, and it seems to be giving me other ideas. So I am going to try to test these ideas. If it turns out that Ad Sense is a bad idea, I will get rid of it. If it works, then I am paid.

Thanks so much to everyone.

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DeskDiva said...

We'll just have to get Wyo Cowboy to come by here one night, and Wyoming will be covered!!