Thursday, November 8, 2007

linda_rhodes2007: Hi
Alfred: hello
Alfred: how can I help you?
linda_rhodes2007: Hi, am Linda and you?
linda_rhodes2007: help me?? what?
Alfred: Keith
Alfred: Just a nice way of saying, why are you talking to me.
linda_rhodes2007: ohh sorry, well..i guess you don't know me...i saw your ID on yahoo member directory and i wanted to say hi and see where it goes
Alfred: ok
Alfred: Well, where you from?
linda_rhodes2007: Nigeria
linda_rhodes2007: you?
Alfred: burkina faso
linda_rhodes2007: nice
Alfred: I just barely moved to the states.
linda_rhodes2007: ic
Alfred: So what do you do for a living
linda_rhodes2007: fashion designer you?
Alfred: Car Salesman
linda_rhodes2007: thats nice
linda_rhodes2007: tell me more about yourself
Alfred: I sell fords.
Alfred: They don't work well.
Alfred: But hey, just got here.
linda_rhodes2007: huuh?
Alfred: I intend to get a better job from college.
Alfred: It seems to take most of my money
linda_rhodes2007: Ohh really
Alfred: Well that and rent and food.
Alfred: Lots of stuff to buy.
linda_rhodes2007: ic
Alfred: better then when I lived in Burkina. But still everything here is expensive.
Alfred: Ever been to the states?
linda_rhodes2007: yep
Alfred: when, where?
linda_rhodes2007: NJ
linda_rhodes2007: 6yrs ago
Alfred: I see
Alfred: I remember seeing it from the bus ride to where I live now
Alfred: Loved the mountains.
Alfred: But the rockies are so much bigger.
linda_rhodes2007: i got to go
linda_rhodes2007: bye
Alfred: bye!

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